PT Komunikasi Lintas Nusa

KLN is a trusted internet service provider company that develops in Indonesia in 2014. Based on the goal of providing quality services to customers and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

KLN is committed to continuously focus on serving and providing the best quality solutions that meet the needs of customers for telecommunication services data.


Providing the best service and product solutions for customer satisfaction, which makes KLN the primary choice in network services


1. Providing the best quality services supported by various telecommunication network solutions and innovations in improving customer service. 

2. Establish and develop infrastructure networks across cities in Indonesia with the latest technology. 

3. Always develop Human Resources consistently to achieve success.

Connecting Everyone

Komunikasi Lintas Nusa

Villa Mulawarman no.18
Semarang, Jawa Tengah
Phone: +62 2430000777
Email: info@klnusa.net.id

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